Fangaroo is an eclectic contemporary artist specialising in mural painting. His art aims to inject energy and emotion into the spaces it shares with people who view it. Graduating from Western Sydney University with a BA in Visual Communication and working fulltime as a digital illustrator having created the map for Taronga Zoo and others he now works primarily as an artist. Mainly self taught in various mediums be it with a brush or spray-can he works privately with people painting commissions in his studio, or with commercial clients country-wide painting murals. Including for the likes of homes, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, offices, public spaces, and brand names such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Kraken, Raw-C, Lad Bible to name a few. His pieces are distinctive for their graphical shapes, vibrant colours and bold lines punctuated with movement or realism. “It all starts with an idea in the head, and capturing it with a rough drawing, then using any tools necessary, traditional and digital to grow that idea. I’m always thinking of how the final piece will be received and what was my original intent and then how can I make it more”, he says.
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